Parish Opportunities

To best assist our parishes in promoting a culture of vocations, the Office of Vocations would like to offer different experiences.

During a Parish Visit:

Only presiding/preaching two Masses: Unlike years past where I would preach at all Masses, I would like for parish priests to preach on their own vocation story during the weekend that I am visiting. I request to be assigned to the Masses (at most 3) which are most likely to have the largest population of youth/young adults on Sunday. I am also willing to celebrate and preach at any Sunday Spanish Masses. 

A full parish experience: Encourage ministries on the assigned weekend to share vocations resources/videos with their ministries. Include information in the bulletin about the visit to better promote a culture of vocations.

Event for Altar Servers: 8 out of 10 priests ordained in the nation this last year were also altar servers growing up. It is perhaps one of the greatest commonalities of those who enter the priesthood and thus a strong demographic for me to target. Fr. Chuck would like to for parishes to assist in coordinating a “coffee and donuts” type experience for him, parish clergy, altar servers and their parents.

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Specific Parish Ministries/Events:

Youth Ministry/College Nights and Retreats: Youth and Campus Ministers are encouraged to invite Fr. Chuck to attend group nights and retreats. He is open to giving talks, saying Mass, hearing confessions, and leading Holy Hours. Please know that his time present will be focused on discerning well the voice of the Lord, especially when it comes to their own vocations.

Q&A Events: These events would be for parents, youth, altar servers, and young adults where Fr. Chuck can host a dialogue on vocations.

Parishes are asked to use the following form in requesting Fr. Chuck Dornquast to be present at any events, retreats, or liturgies. Please know that this form begins the conversation of scheduling and allows us to see what would be needed from our office. It does not guarantee that the office will be available for the time requested. Please give as many details as possible so we may better help you.

Thank you! Please know that we are so excited to journey with you in the important work of praying for and promoting vocations.