The Role of School Principal, Administrator, or Faculty Member

Catholic Schools and Youth Faith Formation

Catholic schools and Catholic youth faith formation have been a tremendous force for good and for evangelization in our world. These parts of the parish care for the natural needs of students to engage with the world that has been provided to them. In so doing, they reveal the One Who created the world about which they are learning and Who created them. Catholic schools and youth faith formation are entrusted with accompanying young people as they learn who they are. Faculty, staff and volunteers in these ministries are provided a precious opportunity to encourage students to be open to the Lord’s care and choosing.

The Role of School Principal, Administrator, or Faculty Member

What can I Do?

  • Incorporate Vocations Curriculum in religion classes. Examples here
  • Demonstrate and encourage reverent participation in the liturgy. Students learn a tremendous amount from the example set by faculty
    • Provide opportunities for the students to pray in the church or chapel
    • Teach proper behavior and etiquette in the church and explain why this behavior is needed
    • Use high-quality video resources, such as Studio 3:16, to encourage prayerfulness among students
  • Encourage service in the liturgy
    • Support altar service by students, especially at weekday Masses. Additionally, allowing select altar servers to be available for funerals and weddings provides an opportunity for students to experience appreciation for their service
    • Encourage age-appropriate participation in the ministry of lector at school and Sunday Masses
    • Have students participate in the parish Greeting/Welcome ministry
    • If possible, establish a school liturgical music ministry
    • Encourage students to participate in parish liturgical music ministries
  • Celebrate parish clergy and religious. Find out the ordination/profession dates of your clergy/religious and celebrate these occasions with the students
  • Participate in Catholic Schools Week
    • Invite clergy/religious alumni to visit the school and give a presentation on their journey
    • Set aside time for a specific vocation-themed event in individual classes or with the entire school
      Provide a Faith based summer camp for the parish
  • Vocation Vacation Bible School
  • Chant Camp

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