Parishioners as Vocation Ministers

Parishioners as Vocation Ministers

Happy and successful parishioners are those who are not satisfied with merely being a member of a parish. They are those who, among other things, believe in other parishioners and see the parish as the spiritual epicenter of life. They look out over the parish and see untapped talent, seeds waiting to sprout, an abundance of goodness just waiting to be summoned for whatever task is at hand.

It’s all there, the successful parishioner senses. It doesn’t need to be “hired out”; it just needs to be summoned forth. Every parishioner has been chosen to carry out the important work of courageously encouraging a culture of vocations in his/her parish. Every parishioner is a vocation minister because the vocations ministry is truly at the heart of every parish. The largest group the vocations ministry will deal with is other parishioners. Ideally, the goal of parishioners as vocations ministers is to invite these other parishioners to become as involved as possible in parish life and to spread the word about the importance of hearing and responding to God’s call in their lives.

The Role of Parishioner/Vocation Minister

What can I do?

  • Repeat the message, Jesus continues to call men and women to serve as priests and religious, as often as possible
  • Use all the social media your parish uses (emails, instagram, etc, etc.) to encourage others to hear and respond to their own call to vocation
  • Pray for vocations every week:
    • The Rosary
    • Hail Mary at the end of Mass
    • Holy Hour of Adoration

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