Parish Vocation Enrichment Team

Parish Vocation Enrichment Team

The Pastor has chosen one or more individuals to assist him in creating a culture of vocations in the parish. The goal of the Team is to become familiar with all of the ministries in the parish and help them become part of the vocations ministry through activities that create a parish culture of vocations.

The Role of the Parish Enrichment team

What can I Do?

  • Repeat the message, Jesus continues to call men and women to serve as priests and Religious, as often as possible
  • Develop a logo or sign for your vocations ministry so it is easily recognized. Use it whenever a vocations ministry event is publicized
  • Publish these in a yearly calendar for vocation activities
  • Use the bulletin frequently
    • Announce these special occasions two weeks and one week prior
    • Post vocation prayers periodically
    • Publish vocation stories of Diocesan seminarians and priests, of Religious postulants, Sisters and Brothers
  • Use all the social media your parish uses (emails, instagram, etc, etc) to spread the message about God’s universal call to vocations
  • Set up parish opportunities to pray for vocations:
    • The Prayer of the Faithful at daily or Sunday Mass click here
    • Parish Hail Mary at the end of Mass
    • Holy Hours of Adoration for vocations
  • Establish a Traveling Chalice Program for the parish, click here
  • Encourage parish recognition of and participation in special Vocations-related events:
    • Priesthood Sunday (last Sunday in September)
    • Deacon Sunday (second Sunday in October)
    • National Vocation Awareness Week (first full week of November)
    • World Day for Consecrated Life (first Sunday following February 2nd)
    • National Catholic Sisters’ Week (second week of March)
    • World Day of Prayer for Vocations (Fourth Sunday of Easter)
    • Religious Brothers’ Day (May 1)

How to Use the Toolkit

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