How to Use This Toolkit

How to Use This Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help a parish establish or expand a parish-wide vocations ministry. Ideally the pastor of a parish selects an individual or small group of individuals to create a Parish Vocation Enrichment Team that is dedicated to courageously encouraging vocations in his parish. That Team can then use this toolkit to decide which direction they desire to take and which aspects of a parish vocations ministry they are able to implement.

It must be remembered that praying for vocations is the primary means of encouraging vocations in our parishes. From that prayer, it is hoped that the tools in this toolkit will help the Parish Vocation Enrichment Team establish a vocations ministry that builds a culture of vocations through the different roles which exist in their parish.

The Parish Vocation Enrichment Team should aim to meet at least quarterly and establish a rapport with the various other ministries and roles which are highlighted in this toolkit. These individual sections can be provided to parishioners in those roles.

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How to Use the Toolkit

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