Families and Parents

Families and Parents

Vocations do not grow on trees, they grow in homes. Priests and Religious are also sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. It is within the family that sons and daughters learn that they can trust God and His plan for their lives. In the family a child learns that prayer and time apart with God are essential for a happy and healthy life. In the family is where teenagers learn the importance and benefit of frequent attendance at Mass and reception of the sacraments. It is very frequently that the primary obstacles and objections to a vocation come from the family of the person called. Family support is essential for the promotion of vocations.

The Role of Parent or sibling

What can I Do?

  • Pray together as a family
    • Designate a time or times every day when your family all comes together to pray. Take advantage of built-in time, i.e., during your school commute, before dinner, while cleaning up the kitchen, before bedtime
    • Pray the Rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, or a favorite devotion. Use the daily Mass readings as a way to connect with the life of your parish and the Universal Church
    • Read about and invoke the intercession of the saints
    • Participate fully in the life of your parish
    • Prioritize parish activities. Place parish events at the top of each day on your family calendar. Next to your domestic church at home, make the parish the center of your world
    • Take advantage of Adoration, as Jesus has touched countless hearts in His Eucharistic state
    • Have your entire family become familiar with your clergy and religious, as well as your parish manager and other church employees and volunteers
    • Forge friendships with like-minded parishioners and families with similarly-aged children and values
    • Participate in a family retreat and/or send your kids to Eucharistic retreats, camps, or conferences. While vacation time is scarce and camps can be expensive, the experience of seeing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your peers physically moved by the Real Presence of the Lord in the Eucharist can be a life-changing event
    • Involve your family in a ministry of service at the parish
    • Participate in parish/diocesan clean-up days
    • Emphasize service within the family, since a hallmark of priestly and religious life is service
  • Talk to your children about vocations
    • Invite them to imagine themselves as a priest or religious—how would they feel if they were a Sister or the priest offering the Mass?
    • Pray for your children’s vocation
    • Share with your children how God led you to discover and know your own vocation
    • Seven Ways Families Can Foster Vocations

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