Altar Server Coordinators

Altar Server Coordinators

Eight out of ten priests were also altar servers. Service at the altar is also frequently in the background of women who later enter religious life. This service allows young people to participate more actively in the mystery of the Eucharistic liturgy and find purpose in serving their parish through it.

The role of Altar server coordinators

What can I Do?

  • Provide sound training with solid expectations
    • Ensure that the parish clergy take an active role in training altar servers
    • Provide background (the “why”) about the movements (the “what”) so that servers better understand what’s happening in the Mass
    • Expect reverent behavior on the altar
    • Encourage proper dress while at Mass
    • Set up frequent refresher training for new and experienced servers to help them grow in this ministry
    • Train the more senior servers for special roles, such as thurifer at Mass and serving at Benediction.
  • Recognize altar servers in high school as senior servers, so that they feel they have graduated into a new role
  • Hold parish events such as an Altar Server Appreciation Day or some kind of social event to build fellowship between the altar servers and the parish clergy
  • Make it easy for parents to know when their children are scheduled to serve
  • Ask the priest to pray with the servers before and after Mass in the altar servers’ room.
  • Post the before Mass prayer in the altar servers’ room so that it’s available for all to read before processing into Mass

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