Parish Vocation Toolkit

Courageously Encouraging Vocations

“The work of encouraging, promoting and supporting vocations is essential to the health of a diocese. The men and women who are being called to serve are found within your parish’s communities. To this end, I ask that all parishes within the Diocese of St. Petersburg establish a Vocation Enrichment Team that implements a vocations ministry tailored to their parish. May we continue to work together in courageously encouraging vocations!”

Most Reverend Gregory Parkes

Bishop of St. Petersburg

A Role for Everyone to Promote Vocations

“This toolkit is designed for pastors and parishioners to take the next step in creating a culture of vocations. Whether this “next step” is the first step or the hundredth, the toolkit provides ways in which various areas of your parish can become hot-spots for vocational encouragement. By no means do you need to implement everything! Decide what you and your vocations ministry can accomplish now and start there. I am deeply grateful for your cooperation in this work!”

Fr. Chuck Dornquast

Director of Vocations and Seminarians

How to Use the Toolkit

What Are Vocations


Parishioners as Vocation Encouragers

Parish Vocation Enrichment Team

Pastors and Parish Priests

Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Catholic Schools and Youth Faith Formation

Altar Server Coordinators

Families and Parents

Parish Groups

School Principal and Faculty